School News

2nd Grade Community Field Trip

Kathy Kelley, Shar McMullin

On Thursday, Nov. 15th, our 2nd grade classes visited the Santaquin Police Station, Fire Station, Library, America First Credit Union, and the Santaquin Chieftain Museum to learn about our community.  We ended our field trip by performing our Thanksgiving program for the Santaquin Senior Citizens luncheon.  We are glad to be a part of our community and it was fun to learn so many great things about the people here.  Thanks to all who helped! (written by Mrs. Kelley)

2nd Grade Thanksgiving Program


The second grade classes did a Thanksgiving Program for the school and for their parents today! They sang songs about turkeys, being thankful, and getting together with family and friends. Each class also recited a poem. Great job, second graders!

6th Grade Wax Museum

Jamie Call, Stephanie Wood

Last week, our 6th graders presented their very own wax museum for the school and parents!  Each student researched someone famous in history that had a positive influence on the world, and wrote bio-riddles and created presentation boards. On Thursday, they dressed up as the person they researched and presented everything they learned for the school and parents. Six students had the opportunity to share their bio-riddle with the parents: Mackenzie Christensen, Kaleb DeGraffenried, Averie Roundy, Waylon Francom, Miles Broadbent, and Gracie Allen.

Clark Planetarium Assembly

Kim Andrews

Last week, the Clark Planetarium came to our school and put on an awesome assembly! They did exciting experiments to help us learn about science topics like electricity and high and low pressure, and we even got to hold a meteorite! Thanks, Clark Planetarium!

Posters for Veterans

OH Student Council, Leann Wood, Stephanie Wood, Rachel Sweeney, Kathleen Lange

Students from our school went to the Veterans' Home to hang up 120 posters and to thank the Veterans for their service. Check out what some members of the student council had to say about their experience!

Red Ribbon Week 2018

We had the chance to celebrate Red Ribbon Week last week! Students learned about making good choices, taking care of themselves, and being kind. Each class made a banner about saying no to drugs, and the banners are hanging in the halls of the school.  They are so fun to look at! We had lots of fun dress up days, and created some signs in the fence outside, too! Thanks for helping us celebrate Red Ribbon Week!  

Thank you to Sign Gypsies Utah County for helping us with the signs in front of the school!

Yearbook Cover Grade Level Winners 2018

Stephanie Wood

We also had 8 yearbook cover grade level winners who's artwork will be featured on the back of this year's yearbook! Congrats to Libby Hiatt, Millie Hewitt, Clayton Morrill, Mikey Ugarte, Hadley Christensen, Eli Ugarte, Major Larsen, and Kohen Wilding. And thank you to everyone else who entered! We have a lot of talented artists at Orchard Hills!

Cougar Pride Winners 10/24/2018

We had a room full of Cougar Pride winners at the Rootbeer Float Party last week! Students can receive Cougar Paws from their teachers by being kind, helping, showing positive behavior, being a good friend, and through many other ways. When a child gets a Cougar Paw, they take it to the office and their name is added to the Cougar Pride Board. These kids were chosen from the board to come to the party. We are so proud of our cougars and the PAWSitive choices they make! We can't wait for our next party!