School News

Fourth Graders Visit Santaquin Museum


The fourth graders had the opportunity to go on a field trip to the Santaquin Museum and to learn a little bit about where they live.  Looks like they got into a little trouble while there since many of them are "Wanted."  Be on the lookout for them.  Looks like there's a great reward if you find some of those fourth graders! 

Cougar Pride Winners


Our Cougar Pride board filled again and we had some lucky students win root beer floats!  Way to go!  Cougar Paws are given to students for positive behavior.  

Learning about Plants


The kindergartners had fun learning about plants.  They learned about the different parts of plants and what plants need to grow.  They also had fun planting seeds and watching them grow!

Farm Field Days


Second graders were so excited to go to Farm Field Days!  They went to Harward Farms and to Olson's Greenhouses and were able to learn and see some of the farming in our community.   

Reading Contest


For the month of March first-sixth graders participated in a reading contest. The contest requirements were different for each class some were my most pages read and others by most minutes read.  A winner was picked from each class to participate in the Reading Shooting Contest.  Each winner was shooting baskets for money.  There were 5 spots to shoot a basket from.  Each winner could shoot all of the baskets or pick others to help them.  The most they could make was $8 and there were some who got $8.  What a fun reading contest! 

Power of Writing

Rachelle Gadberry

A little over a month ago, Mrs.Gadberry's fifth graders wrote opinion essays on which restaurant they thought was the best.  They then sent the letters to the respective restaurants and there have been some really fun responses.  Both HuHot and Golden Corral came to class to let all of the kids have some samples!  Chuck-A-Rama sent one of the students a couple of meal passes and the rest of the class got multi-colored pens that they now use on most assignments.  :)