Orchard Hills Elementary

Monday, September 18, is an early out day for all students in the school district.  School will end at 12:00.  This means that there will be NO AFTERNOON KINDERGARTEN on this day. Morning Kindergarten that usually ends at 11:15 will go until 12:00 this day.  Bus students will ride the bus home with the other kids from the school (they will be taking the same bus they ride to school).  If this extended time does not meet your schedule, parents are welcome to pick up their child early.  If you have any questions/concerns regarding this please talk to your child’s teacher.

Sixth Graders Learn About Problem Solving


US Synthetic came to teach the 6th grade about problem solving.  They taught the students about the problem solving cycle - PDCA.  PDCA stands for Plan, Do, Check, and Adjust.  Their purpose was to help the students recognize the importance of discussing the problem before solving a problem and being willing to try multiple attempts to solve the problem.  The students had a great time learning this through building towers.

There is a Beautiful Flower Garden in Art


Mrs. Kesler is the new Art teacher at Orchard Hills.  She has an outdoor theme in her room and decided to have all the students in the school help her decorate her classroom by having each child paint or color a flower.  The older grades made theirs with watercolor pencils and painted them.  The younger grades colored a Van Gough inspired flower.  Isn't this beautiful!