Orchard Hills Elementary

Halloween Parade is on Friday, October 31st @ 2:30.

Red Ribbon Week is October 27-31st

Monday: "I CAN have a bright future!" College Day - wear your favorite school jersey/colors

Tuesday: "We CAN kick drugs to the curb!" Crazy Sock Day

Wednesday: "Orchard Hills Cougars CAN be healthy!" Healthy Day- Wear your best workout clothes.

Thursday: "We CAN be F.R.I.E.N.DS!" School Pride Day - Wear your school shirts or colors.

Friday: "We CAN scare drugs away." Halloween - Wear your Halloween costume to school.


Here is a survey link for parents with children with disabilities/on IEPs, etc. that are interested in attending parent support classes: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/JRKST5J

EXCITING UPCOMING EVENTS for parents with children with disabilities:
November 6:  Autism Dinner Club for parents of children with Autism:  (See attachment)

November 13:  Next Parent/Educator Support Group (for all disabilities) at the District Office CTE Building at 7:00 p.m.  (As of now, 7:00 is the most voted for time!  Take the survey above if you haven't already to make YOUR vote!)  We'll be digging deeper into the Behavior Escalation Cycle (that is being taught to teachers throughout the District) and share parenting TECHNIQUES, TECHNIQUES, TECHNIQUES to help your child AND yourself when things just start to "escalate."  This will be taught by Michele Thompson and Neeley Kay, District Level Specialists.  What do you DO when behavior escalates with your son or daughter OR even yourself?  Come find out what PARENTS can do!  Put the date and time on your calendars now!  
Also November 13: "Transition Mini Conference" (8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.) for parents who have children with special needs ages 12-26:   (See attachment)

November 19:  Nebo School District Presents:  "What were you thinking?"  For parents who have children with Anxiety/Depression:  http://spanishoaks.nebo.edu/sites/spanishoaks.nebo.edu/files/Anxiety%20and%20Depression.pdf


Orchard Hills Cougars CAN be Healthy


The Red Ribbon theme for Wednesday was:  Orchard Hills Cougars CAN be Healthy!  The students were able to wear their favorite workout/exercise/sports clothes.  During lunch there was and obstacle course set up and some athletes from Payson High School came and played with the students.  

Crazy Sock Day


As part of Red Ribbon Week, Tuesday was Crazy Sock Day.  The theme was:  We CAN kick drugs to the curb!  The students also signed a drug free pledge on a red cup.  

Red Ribbon Week


The Red Ribbon Week theme is: Orchard Hills Cougars CAN make good choices.  We CAN be Drug Free!  Today was "I CAN have a bright future!"  It was college day and the students could wear their favorite school jersey or colors.  

Fire Safety


Stephen Olson from the Santaquin Fire Department came and talked to the first grade classes about fire safety.  He also brought the fire truck!