School News

There is a Beautiful Flower Garden in Art


Mrs. Kesler is the new Art teacher at Orchard Hills.  She has an outdoor theme in her room and decided to have all the students in the school help her decorate her classroom by having each child paint or color a flower.  The older grades made theirs with watercolor pencils and painted them.  The younger grades colored a Van Gough inspired flower.  Isn't this beautiful!  



Kindergartners Learn About Emotions and Feelings

The kindergarten classes just finished learning about different emotions and feelings they have and how to deal with different emotions.  They were able to share things that make them happy and excited.  They also learned about how to help people who feel sad and also what they can do to calm down if they get angry or mad.  They learned that they can walk away, take deep breaths, get a drink, color, talk to someone, exercise, and more.  They have also been working on fine motor skills and how to use scissors and glue.  Here are some of their creations.  

Second Grade Olympics


The second graders spent a couple of weeks doing their second grade olymics.  They had opening and closing ceremonies.  They learned the importance of working hard, setting goals, and doing their best.  They were able to play and particiate in team building games.  

Welcome Back!


We are so excited that a new school year has started!  The students have been really excited too.  I asked many students what they are most excited about this new school year.  Their responses are:  making new friends, seeing previous teachers, learning math, more recesses, going to fun things, reading, learning about electricity, learning about sea animals, learning cursive, mastering times tables, having lots of parties, getting a new teacher, learning science, and learning to write.  We hope everyone has had a fun first week at school!   

Online Registration


The Orchard Hills Elementary School ONLINE REGISTRATION site is now open to register your student(s) for the upcoming 2017-18 school year.   This link is live now until July 31st.   The registration site is found at (It is also on the links at the left).  Follow the registration steps listed there. 

Art Gallery

Shalynn Anderson

Recently in Art all students designed their own flower or used one of Georgia O'Keefe's flowers to inspire their drawing.  Each student chose the color for the flower and the backgroud color.  After a lot of hard work, you have one original masterpiece!  A winner was chosen from each class.  A grade level winner was chosen and the overall winner was Jada Wadsworth.  Posted here are the class winners, grade level winners, and the overall winner.  They are all so beautiful and unique!

Kickball Game


The annual kickball game of sixth graders vs. teachers took place yesterday.  The final score was 17-16 with the teachers winning.  What a fun game! 

Hope of America


Fifth graders participated in the Hope of America program.  They have been practicing for a while and a couple of weeks ago they performed at the Marriott Center at BYU.  There were many other fifth graders throughout the county who performed with them.  Today they perfomed for the school.  We love hearing patriotic songs and we are so glad to live in this country.