School News

Introducing Orchard Hills Sixth Grade Teachers



 Mrs. Sandy  Olson grew up in Seattle, Washington and Houston, Texas.  Her husband, Doug, is her hero.  He’s a survivor with a hopeful and positive attitude.  Mrs. Olson likes going on walks with her family, watching Psych episodes, and watching movies.

 Miss Jordyn Earl grew up in Payson, Utah.  Her dad is her hero because he is the most patient and kind person.  Miss Earl enjoys spending time with family, hiking, camping, swimming, and riding 4-wheelers.

Reflections Contest Winners


The theme for the Reflections Contest this year was:  Within Reach.  

The winners for this year are:


Suvi Coombs

Tyson Wadsworth

Tylee Haws

Brody Dowland

Allayna Chidester


Gavin Broadben

Miles Broadbent


Kathryn Morgan

Rylan Nielsen

Sabrina Collins


Chloe Crabb

Mackenzie Christensen


Zakari Glisman

Kylie Nilson

Christmas Sing-a-Long


Today was the annual Christmas sing-a-long.  It is always so much fun to sing Christmas songs together.  We even sang Santa a special song. Merry Christmas everyone! 

A Christmas Carol


Miss Wood's sixth grade class perfomed the play A Christmas Carol.  They worked so hard preparing and they did such a great job performing! 

Orchestra Performs


The Orchard Hills Sixth Grade Orchestra performed today for the school.  The orchestra is directed by Mrs. Drager and there are 11 students in orchestra.  Instruments played are the violin, viola, and cello.  The students have been working so hard early in the mornings before school and they sounded great.  A few students perfomed solos today too.  

Learning about Helen Keller

Eileen Lisonbee

Mrs. Lisonbee's second grade class  studied Helen Keller this past week.  Students spent time learning what it might be like to not be able to see.  Pretty interesting.  The kiddos had to work a lot harder at their tasks.  It was a great experience.

Mrs. Kelley's Class Donated Blankets


Mrs. Kelley's second grade class tied fleece blankets and donated them to a Navajo Reservation in Arizona so that many children will have a warmer Christmas!  We loved getting the blankets ready.  We learned to work together and helped each other learn to tie knots.  We also learned that doing something nice for someone else makes our hearts happy!

Cougar Choir Performance


The amazing Cougar Choir performed their Christmas concert today for the school and they will perform tonight for parents and other guests.  They have worked so hard the past few months and they sounded great.  The Cougar Choir is directed by Mrs. Kathy Kelley and accompanied by Miss Mary Blackner.  The choir is for students 4th-6th grade.  If any students 4th-6th grade want to join sign-ups are going on right now.   They can sign up through the 4-H Program.  

First Grade Program


The first graders helped us get in the Christmas spirit.  Today they performed Christmas songs for the school and their parents.  They did such a good job.  They all want their 2 front teeth for Christmas!