School News

Cougar Pride Winners 1/9/2019


We had a room full of Cougar Pride winners at the Rootbeer Float Party this week! Students can receive Cougar Paws from their teachers by being kind, helping, showing positive behavior, being a good friend, and through many other ways. When a child gets a Cougar Paw, they take it to the office and their name is added to the Cougar Pride Board. These kids were chosen from the board to come to the party. We are so proud of our cougars and the PAWSitive choices they make! We can't wait for our next party!


December Dancing in Mrs. Kelley's Class

Kathy Kelley

Mrs. Fillmore, our dance specialist, visited Mrs. Kelley’s 2nd grade class to teach the students about the 3 different types of rocks using dance and movement.  We formed layers to represent sedimentary rocks, made flowing movements to represent the lava flow that forms igneous rocks, and partners made slow movements to represent metamorphic rocks.  We had so much fun!

(Written by Mrs. Kelley)

Grinch Day in First Grade

Kim Andrews, Christy Collier

The first grade had Grinch Day before the break! They focused on kindness, and enjoyed some fun Grinch-themed math and writing activities, along with some “sweet” activities. 

2nd Grade Learns about Canada from Mr. Murray

Kathy Kelley

Mr. Ryan Murray visited our 2nd grade classes to teach us about Canada. It gets so cold in the winter that if you throw water it will freeze before it hits the ground. You have to cover your skin when you are outside to prevent frostbite. Christmas in Canada is a lot like Christmas in our country. Thanks Mr. Murray - you are awesome!

(written by Mrs. Kelley)

Winter Orchestra Performance

We had the opportunity to hear our awesome 6th Grade Orchestra perform! The orchestra is directed by Mrs. Drager, and consists of ten 6th graders from Orchard Hills. They have worked hard, coming in before school a couple mornings a week to practice either the violin, the viola, or the cello. They did a wonderful job, and it was so fun to hear them play!