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Introducing Orchard Hills Third Grade Teachers!


Introducing Third Grade Teachers

 Mr. Ramon Saldivar grew up in San Diego, California.  Every military person who has lost their life during war time or conflict is his hero.  He likes woodworking and landscaping.

 Mrs. Jeanette Dunn grew up in Provo, Utah.  Her mom is her hero because she raised nine children to be happy, healthy responsible hardworking adults.  She likes to play the guitar, travel, camp, and hike. 

Introducing Orchard Hills Fifth Grade Teachers



Mrs. Carolyn Bascom grew up in Bountiful.  She moved to Elk Ridge when she was 10.  Her dad is her hero.  He was always there for her.  He helped her understand so many things.  He was loving and kind.  Mrs. Bascom loves to paint, run, dance, and read. 

 Mrs. Krissi Tanner grew up in Orem, Utah.  Her husband is her hero because he is her rock.  She loves chocolate because it is delicious.  She loves the outdoors: hiking, fishing, camping, rock crawling, and hunting. 

Reflections Contest Theme: Within Reach


The theme this year for the Reflections Contest is:


All students can participate.  Entry forms are available in the office. 

The deadline for entries is November 10th.  Have fun and be creative!

The different categories are:

  • Visual Arts
  • Literature
  • Dance
  • Photograhy
  • Film and Video
  • Music Composition 


Introducing Orchard Hills First Grade Teachers


Introducing First Grade Teachers

 Mrs. Christy Collier grew up in Roseville, California.  She loves to read, camp, and go to concerts.  Her hero is her husband, for all he does for her and her family. 

 Mrs. Jenni Coon grew up in Payson and in fourth grade she moved to West Mountain.  She loves hiking, camping, and being with her husband Jim and their 2 kids Janie and Jentry.  Her heroes are her parents.  They have shown her what unconditional love it. 

Orchard Hills ROCKs!


At Orchard Hills 'we ROCK.'  

We are:





Students are given Cougar Paws for being respectful, optimistic, committed, and kind.  The Cougar Paws are collected and hung on the wall by the gym and lunchroom.  It is only the end of September and so many Cougar Paws have been given out.  It is awesome!  Keep up the good work students.  Remember to 'ROCK' it!  The focus for the month of September was Respect.  The focus for October wil be Optimism.  

Netsmartz Assembly


Students were able to attend the Netsmartz Assembly today.  Mr. Parkinson taught students about being a good digital citizen and about how to stay safe on the internet and computer.  They were taught some rules.

1- Tell a trusted adult if anything makes you feel sad, scared or confused.

2-Ask a trusted adult before sharing information like name, address and phone number.

3-Do not meet face-to-face with anyon efrom the Internet.

4-Always use good netiquette and not be rude or mean online.