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January 2016

Teddy Bear Day

Submitted by adrian.rowley on Fri, 01/29/2016 - 15:49
Teddy Bear Day

This week the kindergartners have been learning about Bears!  They learned about fact and fiction and had fun reading lots of stories about bears.  Today was Teddy Bear Day!  What a fun day!

What's Going on in Our Special Education Classrooms

Submitted by adrian.rowley on Mon, 01/25/2016 - 15:47
What's Going on in Our Special Education Classrooms

There is always something going on in our special education cluster classrooms.  Not only do we learn inside the classroom, but we also take trips into the community two times per month.  Some of the things we do on these trips are: participate in adaptive aquatics and gym kids over at Brigham Young University, visit the local Junior High classrooms in our area so our 6th graders are ready to make the transition from elementary school, visit the Bean Museum, take wagons to the Red Barn, bowling, shopping (our favorite is ice cream at Macey's), and many many more adventures.  We make new fri

Introducing: Fifth Grade Teachers

Submitted by adrian.rowley on Fri, 01/22/2016 - 10:15
Introducing:  Fifth Grade Teachers


 I graduated from BYU. 

This is my 4th year teaching.  I taught two years in the younger grades and two in fifth grade.

 I grew up in Beaverton, Oregon.  Growing up, I was one of four children. Now, it's just me and my new husband in our little family!  We got married in January 2015 and are loving life!  

 My favorite things to do outside of school include: I enjoy going to the gym, biking around town, going out to dinner, and traveling around the country.

I love elephants!!  

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