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Crystal Apple Award

Submitted by adrian.rowley on Fri, 01/22/2016 - 16:03

The Crystal Apple Award this year goes to:  Mrs. Jeannie Roundy.

Congratulations Mrs. Roundy!

Mrs. Jeannie Roundy is very deserving of this award.  Have you ever seen those circus performers who spin plates on sticks and the trick is to not let one fall?  This is Jeannie Roundy.  I don’t know how she does it.  She is able to keep her family plate spinning running kids to dance, clogging, cheerleading, gymnastics, rodeos, baseball, basketball, buying a new home, curling the girls’ hair, and she is still able to somehow keep the teacher plate spinning.  She is an amazing teacher.

All of the girls want to be in Mrs. Roundy’s class.  She has a way to make them all feel like rock stars.  She has really supported her students as some have gone through very difficult times.  She still gets frequent visits from former students.  She is there to listen and to give them a hug.  She has a big heart and that is what makes her a fabulous teacher.