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Persuasive Letters Rewarded with Pizza!

Submitted by adrian.rowley on Mon, 03/28/2016 - 16:03
Krissi Tanner

Mrs. Tanner's fifth grade class wrote persuasive letters to various restaurants that they felt were the best restaurant ever and told the reasons why they were the best! We then mailed them off to various restaurants.Tiffanee Mortensen along with some other fifth graders wrote to Brick Oven. The owner was so impressed with their letters that he contacted me and asked if he could cater a lunch (pizza party) for my class. The kids were so excited! They were more than generous and brought 9 x-large pizzas, 8 liters of soda, and plenty of gift certificates for $10.00 off. We were very happy to say the least! Brick Oven was the bomb and we want to give a shout out to them - thanks for the best pizza in the world and the best party ever!They had so much pizza that the class wanted to pay it forward and surprise Mrs. Gadberry's class with pizza too! So we took it to them and yelled, "pizza party." It was so fun to witness the generosity from Brick Oven and then be able to let my class share that generosity with others as well.