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Cougar Paw Monthly Winners

Submitted by leann.wood on Fri, 12/04/2020 - 14:43
October Cougar Paw Winners
November Cougar Paw Winners

You’ve probably heard your student mention they received a Cougar Paw. This is a program to reward students for good behavior, kindness to others, being helpful around the school, and being mindful of other people in different ways. Each morning, Mrs. Huntsman reads the names of all the cougar paw winners from the previous day. At the end of each month, names are chosen from each grade level from all those in the month who received a cougar paw and they receive a prize and get their picture taken.

October Winners: Lola Cook, Cecily Hancock, Carson Wall, Hayden Newman, Joshua Roberts, Diego Diaz, Bailey Openshaw, Garret Larsen

November Winners: Melanie Hansen, McKell Bradley, Kelci Jasperson, Halo Carter, Sloan Fairbourn, Roc Sorensen