May 2016

Bubble Day


The first graders had fun celebrating Bubble Day!  

Look at all those bubbles!



Fourth grade had their annual Rendezvous.  Looks like they a lot of fun playing games, eating, and don't they look great all dressed up! 

Santaquin Museum


Fourth graders at Orchard Hills went on a field trip to the Santaquin Museum. It is fun to learn a little bit about the city you live in!  

Orchestra Performs


The sixth grade orchestra has been working hard this year.  They performed for the last time this year and they did such a good job!  Thank you to Mrs. Drager!  

First Grade Program


The first graders performed for the school and their parents.  They did such a good job singing the songs they learned!  Thank you first grade teachers!

Spelling Bee


6th Grade Spelling Bee Winners:
First place: Dylan
Second place: Sofia
Third place: Arlington

Preschool Camping


Ken Kelley came and talked to the preschool class about camping, animals, and bugs we may see around here.  He brought bugs for us to look at as well as a telescope and magnifying glass.

Cougar Choir Performs

The Orchard Hills Cougar Choir performed for the school and then for their parents.  They did such a wonderful job!  Mrs. Kelley and Mrs. Knotts have been working so hard with them and we thank both of these wonderful teachers.  

Zoo Day


First graders went to the Zoo!  It was such a fun day watching the animals!