November 2015

Wax Museum

Our 6th graders created their very own Wax Museum.  Each student researched somebody who had a positive influence on the world.  They wrote bio-riddles and created boards to share with both the school and parents.  Six students had the opportunity to share their bio-riddle with the parents: Brynlee Burke, Gavin Siggard, Sofia Kitchen, Dylan Kapp, Hope Mattson, and Keegan Brandon.  We had a great night!

Community Helpers

The kindergartners at Orchard Hills learned about community helpers.  They even had a few come in and talk to them.  Brenda Warren from Warren Family Dentistry came in and taught them how to take care of their teeth.  The kids even got a toothbrush!  Santaquin Fire Department came and brought in a firetruck, an ambulance, and a police officer came and brought his police car.  The kindergartners LOVED seeing inside them all.  The police officer talked to them about safety and the fireman taught about fire safety.  The kindergartners loved the fire hats that they got.

Veterans Day

For Veterans Day each class got a balloon and attached a paper with names of Veterans on it.  Then each class let their balloon go.  Thank you to all veterans! 

Net Smart Assembly


Orchard Hills students learned a little about internet safety today in the Net Smart Assembly.  They learned about 4 rules:

1.  If you see something on the internet that makes you feel scared, sad, or confused then tell a trusted adult.

2.  Don't share your name or address with anyone online.

3.  Do not meet people from the internet face-to-face.

4.  Use good netiquette.  Do not be rude or mean online.  

If you would like more information you can check out their website here.

Recess Fun!


Isn't it great to take a little break from school and play outside with your friends!  Sidewalk chalk is always fun too!