November 2011

2nd Grade Community Field Trip

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2nd Grade Community Field Trip

The second-grade classes went on a community field trip around Santaquin.  They went to the Senior Citizen’s Center where they sang Thanksgiving songs and recited poems.  They also visited the Veteran’s Museum where Ted Jones (a veteran) presented to the kids.  They also visited the Pharmacy, Credit Union, and the Santaquin Library. 

Reflections Contest Winners

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Orchard Hills Reflections Winners

The theme for this years reflections contest was "Diverisity is......"  There were 73 entries entered in.  The winners for the different categories are: 

Music Composition

Middle Division:  1st Madison Houston, 2nd Claire Rowley, 3rd Abigail Lisonbee, 4th Whitlee Monroe

Intermediate Division:  1st Riley Wood, 2nd Jade McMullin, 3rd James Rowley, 4th Elise Lisonbee

Primary Division:  Ada Broadbent

Fifth-grade Field Trip

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The fifth-grade was able to go to Scera Theater and Classic Skate in Orem for a field trip in October.  At Scera Theater they enjoyed the play "How I Became a Pirate." Following the play, they hopped on over to Classic Skate to get some exercise skating.  While several students already knew how to skate or roller blade, several students learned a new skill!  The fifth graders had a great day!

November Social Skill

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The Social Skill for November is:

  How to Deal with Strong Feelings

Step 1:  Stop and calm down

Step 2:  Watch your body signals

Step 3:  Name the feeling

Step 4:  Think about your choices

Step 5:  Act out the best choice

Please discuss with your students the importance fo appropriately dealing with strong feelings.  Watch for your child to use these steps and reinforce or compliment them when they do it correctly.  When correct behavior is reinforced, it is more likely to be repeated.