Reflections Contest Winners

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Orchard Hills Reflections Winners

The theme for this years reflections contest was "Diverisity is......"  There were 73 entries entered in.  The winners for the different categories are: 

Music Composition

Middle Division:  1st Madison Houston, 2nd Claire Rowley, 3rd Abigail Lisonbee, 4th Whitlee Monroe

Intermediate Division:  1st Riley Wood, 2nd Jade McMullin, 3rd James Rowley, 4th Elise Lisonbee

Primary Division:  Ada Broadbent


Middle Division:  1st Shalice Bascom, 2nd Katie Wood, 3rd Madison Simons

Intermediate Division:  1st Shayla Dopp, 2nd Olivia Dopp

 Dance Choreography

Intermediate Division:  1st Addison Huff

Primary Division:  1st Trey Huff

 Film Production

Intermediate Division:  1st Trinadee Smith


Middle Division:  1st Natasha Tracy, 2nd Tayt Kearl, 3rd Madison Houston, 4th Taelor Moffitt

Intermediate Division:  1st Gracie Christensen, 2nd Rachelle Warren, 3rd Aubrey Corry

Primary Division:  1st Maggie Christensen, 2nd Ashlin Elliott, 3rd Hallie Francom

 Visual Arts

Middle Division: 1st Natasha Tracy, 2nd Taelor Moffitt, 3rd Maria Yanez

Intermediate Division:  1st Bailey Wadsworth, 2nd Kendall Villar, 3rd Riley Warnick, 4th Curtis Young

Primary Division:  1st Katherine Yost, 2nd Quinlee Krukiewicz, 3rd McKenna Mecham, 4th Hallie Francom

 3D Arts

Middle Division:  1st Harlee Huff, 2nd Adam Penhallegon

Intermediate Division:  1st Callie Teemant, 2nd Katelyn Craig, 3rd Adam Johnston

Primary Division:  1st Coraley Foli, 2nd KaDee Warren