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Fifth-graders at Orchard Hills have been writing poems.  Here are some of the poems they wrote:


Adventure Day

By Gracie

Observing insects on a tree.

Winding paths to discover animals lurking in the bushes,

Leaves falling in our hair like snow everywhere,

The bright sun sparkles through the trees like glitter falling from the sky,

A stream trickles small and swift,

Exciting events around each corner like mysteries behind a book’s cover,

Pine trees smell like scented candles,

What a fun adventure.



By Brock

Lightning is a cheetah running after its prey

Lightning is a white sego lily swaying in the wind.

Lightning is a crowbar opening a box.

Lightning is a warrior striking its enemy.

Lightning is a flute thin and long.


I Am...

By Korrinne

 I am Easter,

I am the dots and stripes on the eggs and I am the fun Easter colors of pink, blue, and purple

I am a puppy,

I am playful, fun, and hyper.

I am garden vegetables,

I am the crunchy, green, cucumbers and I am the red, ripe, tomatoes and I am the juicy yellow corn.

I am Lake Powell,

I am the hot yellow sand and I am the hot sun beating down on the cool blue water.

I am blue,

I am the bright blue sky and the cool blue water that relieves from the beating sun.

I am the piano,

I am the beautiful music that is played on the black and white keys.

I am Spring,

I am the beautiful flowers that bloom all over,

And I am the smell of the rain that washes the world clean.

I am Korinne.