How to Follow Rules

Submitted by adrian.rowley on Tue, 04/10/2012 - 14:47

The Social Skill for April is:

      How To Follow Rules

  1. Know the rules
  2. Follow them exactly
  3. If you have questions, ask an adult

We have reviewed and practiced these steps at school, but we hope that you will also review and reinforce them at home.

Rules prepare children for successful living in a complex world.  Learning to obey rules, like putting toys away, completing chores/assignments, or treating one another with respect helps equip children to develop self-control and ultimately follow society's legal and moral laws of conduct.  Please discuss with your students the importance of following rules.  Watch for your child to use these steps and reinforce or compliment them when they do it correctly.  When correct behavior is reinforced, it is more likely to be repeated.