December Social Skill

Submitted by adrian.rowley on Wed, 12/07/2011 - 12:44

The social skill for December is:

      How to Ask for Help

  1. Ask yourself, "Can I do this alone?"
  2. If not, raise your hand.
  3. Wait patiently.
  4. Ask for help in a friendly way.

We have reviewed and practiced these steps at school and we hope that you will review and reinforce them at home.  The following are some ways you can encourage your child to ask for help when he or she needs it.  Keep in mind that many children don't ask for help because they're too embarassed to admit they need it.

  • Talk with your child about the importance of letting you know when he or she is having difficulty with something.  Let your child know you want to help or get the right kind of help to overcome the problem.
  • Make it clear that it is normal and okay to ask for help.  Let your child know about times when you needed help and how you solved problems by getting help from others.  Stress the importacne of taking responsibility for getting the help we need.

Look for opportunities to praise your child when they ask for help.  When correct behavior is reinforced, it is more likely to be repeated.