January 2015

Teddy Bear Day

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The kindergarten classes finished up learning about bears and had Teddy Bear Day.  They brought teddy bears or their favorite stuffed animal.  It was a fun day!  THey were able to measure them and see who had the longest and shortest bears.  They sorted and graphed Teddy Grahams!  What a fun time!

Preschool Treasure Hunt

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Here are some pictures from our treasure hunt.  We followed the path of Pirate Pete to the different islands looking for GOLD!  There were scary obstacles in our way, but we made it!  We found Mermaid Island and the treasure. We brought it back to the ship before the Queen could take it away.  We all had a blast!

Sports Hero Day

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Our sixth graders had the opportunity to attend Sports Hero Day at Brigham Young University.  The students participated in different sports activities with various BYU athletes.  The athletes took time to teach the students about proper nutrition, teamwork, setting goals, and good sportsmanship.  At the end the students from several schools came together for a pep rally.  BYU athletes, including Mitch Matthews, talked with the students about being a hero and reaching your dreams.  Eliza Price, from our school, won the prize for the best hero essay.