Track and Field Winners

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Track and Field Winners
Track and Field Winners

Congratulations to our Track and Field Winners for the 23-24 school year!  Hard work pays off and these students are proof of that.  Way to go, Orchard Hills! 

3rd Grade:

Breckynn Barnum - 1st Place 50 Meter Girls

Parker Tyler - 1st Place 50 Meter Boys

Ledgen Silcox - 2nd Place 50 Meter Boys

Riley Puett - 3rd Place 100 Meter Girls

Parker Tyler - 2nd Place  100 Meter Boys

Damian Perez - 1st Place 200 Meter Boys

Owen Scott - #3rd Place 200 Meter Boys

Mariah Christnesen - 1st Place 400 Meter Girls 

Damian Perez - 1st Place 400 Meter Boys

Parker Tyler - 3rd Place Softball Throw Boys

Louis Christen - 3rd Place Standing Long Jump Boys

4th Grade:

Kynlee Wall - 1st Place 50 Meter Girls

Lilly Puett - 2nd Place 50 Meter Girls

Tagert Hone - 2nd Place 50 Meter Boys

Kynlee wall - 2nd 100 Meter Girls

Max Lindsay - 3rd Place 200 Meter Boys

Olivia Carlile - 2nd Place 400 Meter Girls

Ty Neilsen - 2nd Place 400 Meter Boys

Gehrig Hiatt - 2nd Place Softball Throw Boys

Tayson Teeples - 3rd Place Softball Throw Boys

Lilly Puet - 1st Place Standing Long Jump Girls

5th Grade :

Sloan Fairbourn - 3rd Place 400 Meter Girls

Adilynn Macdonald - 1st Place 800 Meter Girls



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