Happenings in Art at Orchard Hills

Submitted by adrian.rowley on Sat, 02/25/2012 - 12:08
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      In the month of January, the students at Orchard Hills spent a four week unit discussing Leonardo DaVinci.  We talked about some very usual facts, his talents, paintings and studied some of his inventions...on week four, it was the students (grades 3-6) turn to build some miniature inventions with their team.  Some pictures are hanging in the hallway in the "Art Gallery" of these inventions and the teams.

      In February, Orchard Hills participated in "Valentines for Veterans" for the first time.  The kids got to make two valentines, one to send to the VA Hospital in SLC, and the other one they could use for their family.  It was exciting to see how giving these kids are, many asked if they could give both valentines to the hospital.  When the week was over, we had stuffed three large manilla envelopes full.         The fifth and sixth graders are now working on one-point perspective rooms. This covers part of sixth grade core and is quite fun, once the students get the hang of it.