Our Students Honor Fallen Soldiers

Submitted by leann.wood on Fri, 09/24/2021 - 12:00
Orchard Hills Students Made Posters to Remember Thirteen Fallen Soldiers
Posters were hung in the school hallway to honor thirteen fallen soldiers
Orchard Hills Students Honor Thirteen Fallen Soldiers

Orchard Hills’ art teacher, Jamie Watkin, and her fifth-grade students want to honor the thirteen fallen soldiers who were killed last month in Afghanistan. They spent two weeks making meaningful posters to show their respect for the service men and women in hopes that their art work will be seen by their family members left behind. Some of the students focused on Staff Sgt. Darin Taylor Hoover, the fallen Marine from Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Staff Sgt. Darin Taylor Hoover will be laid to rest today, Friday, September 24, 2021 in Arlington National Cemetery.

Mrs. Watkin made a couple of posters, one of which is an American flag that lists all of the service members' names on them. She said, “Each one is important and they need to be honored. They sacrificed their lives for us, our freedom.”

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