Submitted by adrian.rowley on Fri, 02/21/2014 - 08:13

Sixth-grade students at Orchard Hills read a biography of their choice.  They then created a biobody of that person and presented what they learned.  

What Makes a Hero?

Submitted by adrian.rowley on Fri, 02/21/2014 - 08:11

Orchard hill elementary had an assembly called "What Makes a Hero?" It was put on by Doug Osmond who works closely with Richard Paul Evans, author of The Christmas Box and Michael Vey. He talked about being honest, respectful, and hard work! It was entertaining and fun. He also stressed the Importance of reading to succeed!

Netsmart Assembly

Submitted by adrian.rowley on Sat, 02/08/2014 - 11:50
Students at Orchard Hills enjoyed the Netsmart Assembly!  With the younger grades they brought up 4 points:
  1. If you see something that makes you sad, scared, or confused then tell a trusted adult.
  2. Don't share your name or address online.
  3. Do not meet anyone face to face offline.
  4. Netiquette--do not be mean or fude online. 
The netsmart assembly taught the upper grades how to be safe on the internet.  The students learned about how to keep private information off their online profiles.

Heart Attack

Submitted by adrian.rowley on Sat, 02/08/2014 - 11:44

The first graders at Orchard Hills Elementary gave their principal, Mr. Murray a heart attack!  They covered his room with hearts and good wishes.

Dental Hygiene

Submitted by adrian.rowley on Sat, 02/08/2014 - 11:41

The first, second, and third grades at Orchard Hills Elementary were educated and entertained by the Provo Area Dental Wives. The marionettes were educational and fun. We learned all about dental hygiene. Thanks a bunch!

Bottle Rockets

Submitted by adrian.rowley on Thu, 01/30/2014 - 19:54

Students in Mrs. Howard's fifth grade class have been experimenting.  During this experiment, we tried to find the best "rocket fuel" for our bottle rockets. We mixed several solids (alka seltzer, baking soda) with liquids (soda, water, and vinegar), and tried to come to a conclusion about which combination worked best. We had fun testing our hypotheses and being scientists for the day!

What is Science?

Submitted by adrian.rowley on Thu, 01/30/2014 - 16:39

This week the kindergartners at Orchard Hills have been learning about what science is.  Science is: water, land, animals, our bodies, seasons, senses, experiments, wondering, asking questions, fossils, rocks, and much much more!  In Miss Rowley's class each child was asked to share some sort of science project or subject with the class.  Some shared with the class were: sink and float, magnets, leaf collection, making a volcano, color experiments, and more.  Science is fun!

Bike Stunt Show

Submitted by adrian.rowley on Thu, 01/30/2014 - 16:31

In January, Rick Wieber's Bicycle Stunt Show came to Orchard Hills.  What a great time for our school.  They did some amazing bike stunts that were loved by all.  They taught about bicycle safety, goal setting, achievement, bullying, and drugs.  They shared their personal experiences and kept everyone entertained while doing it.  They also taught the importance of wearing helments.  Thanks for coming to our school!