Registration Fees

Submitted by leann.wood on Thu, 07/15/2021 - 11:37

Registration Fees can now be paid through your parent portal online.

Here’s what you do!

Login to your parent portal

To get to the FEES:

Click on the Fees on the left side

You will see Suggested Donation Fees – Click Add to Cart

Optional Payments are on a separate tab at the very bottom

This is where you will find Preschool and Yearbook fee, etc. – Click Add to Cart

Track Meet Medal Winners

Submitted by leann.wood on Wed, 05/26/2021 - 12:55

Orchard Hills Elementary was well represented at the district Track Meet this year!

Here are all of our winners! Scroll through to view pictures.

5th Grade Winners

Sawyer Peterson

Caron Wall

Mason Christensen

Otto Burton

Cecily Hancock


4th Grade Winners

Presley Sorensen

Averee Stephenson

Colton Marvin

Shawn Gavette

Eilian Grover

Landon Robbins


3rd Grade Winners

Annsley Wall

Kinley Marvin