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Yearbook Cover Winners 2019!

Submitted by riley.winward on Thu, 11/07/2019 - 20:33
Stephanie Wood
1 of 10
Ellie Barlow
Cambria Ossmen
Cash McMullin
Eli Ugarte
James Taylor
Mikey Ugarte
Clayton Morrill
Kai Belk
Alma Ugarte

We had so any amazing entries for our yearbook cover contest this year! This year's winner is Ellie Barlow in fourth grade! Be on the lookout for her awesome artwork in this year's copy of the yearbook! Nice work, Ellie!

We also had some very talented grade level winners!

  • Kindergarten winner - Cambria Ossmen
  • 1st Grade Winner - Cash McMullin
  • 2nd Grade Winner - Eli Ugarte
  • 3rd Grade Winner - James Taylor
  • 4th Grade Winner - Mikey Ugarte
  • 5th Grade Winner - Clayton Morrill
  • Mrs. Waters Class Winner - Kai Belk
  • 6th Grade Winner - Alma Ugarte