DARE Graduation

Krissi Tanner

DARE is a program offered to all fifth grade students at Orchard Hills Elementary. DARE stands for Drug Alcohol Resistance Education and is designed to teach students the risks involved with underage drinking, tobacco use and using illegal drugs. The point of DARE is to provide these students with the appropriate knowledge and skill set to make an educated & well-thought out decision when in the future they are confronted with drugs and alcohol. In order to graduate from DARE the students had to write a five paragraph essay that details what they learned from DARE & how they plan to use it to make informed decisions for the rest of their life. The students & teachers at Orchard Hills are grateful for Officer Bell who volunteers his time and energy to helping us make safe and healthy decisions!

 DARE Essay Winners:

Tyler Erickson

Allayna Chidester

Mayley Smith

Boston Price

 Overall DARE Students:

Jade Zeeman

Zach Darger

Kathryn Morgan

Paizlee Zeeman