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Donna Baller Receives High Five Award

Submitted by adrian.rowley on Tue, 09/20/2016 - 07:59

Donna Baller "Nana" received the High 5 award by Lori Prichard and the KSL News Crew It was pretty exciting and  the story will be aired on Thursday at 5:15am and 6:45am So give her a HIgh 5 when you see her. Congratulations!Donna has been volunteering at our school, Orchard Hills Elementary for four years now. She has worked in kindergarten and first grade. She will do copies, cutting lamination, working with children or adults, working with math books, just about anything you want her to do.  She has worked in Mrs. Andrew's first grade classroom for the past few years.She often brings little gifts and treats for our students and we can count on her to have school spirit to dress up on every occasion possible, especially when she can wear a BYU shirt! One of the highlights of our year is when she dresses up as Mrs. Claus and bring candy canes to the lower grades.   

She gets a small stipend from The Foster Grandparent Program. She is worth much more than this! She also substitutes from time to time.  She has had grandchildren at our school for years. She is very personable and the kids love her. It is not uncommon to have children running up to her in the halls and giving her a smile and a hug. She is invaluable to our school. We can always count on her for an encouraging word or smile. She  loves gardening, BYU, camping in her motorhome, being crafty, helping others and KIDS!She is also a great helper in the community of Santaquin. She brings dinners, tutors students, and takes care of grandchildren, (and other children have also lived in her home) and takes care of an aging husband.