Outstanding Employees


Lynn Steele and Sue Miller were awarded as Outstanding Employees at Orchard Hills!  Congratulations!! 

Lynne Steele has been working at Orchard Hills for 6 years, but she has been working with kids for over 13 years.  She is such a great asset to our school.  If anything needs to get done Lynn is there to do it.  She is constantly working on “projects” in her room for the teachers and staff.  She does it with a smile on her face and perfection in her mind.  You know when she is working on something, it is going to be done right.  She rarely gets to see her “projects” used in the classroom, but we want her to know how much they enhance the learning and experience here for the students.  Lynn also has  big heart.  She loves students she is working with.  They come to her room for all types of reasons and she is there to help with them all.  From helping a student complete a test to calming a student down who has had a bad day.   She has the skills to help the students out. 

Lynn’s willingness to give is not just in the school, it extends to all aspects of her life.  She is a loving mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, neighbor, and friend.  She is always reaching out and helping others in any way she can.  Lynn has a wonderful husband and four amazing boys.  She loves to spend time with them and supports them in all of their activities from basketball games to jazz concerts.  Lynn is a jack of all trades.  There is not much she can’t do, and if she can’t, she will find a way to figure it out.  Her talents are remarkable.  We are so grateful for Lynn and all she does for our school.  We would truly be lost without her!

 Sue Miller began her career with Nebo School District on April 12, 1993, working with ESL students and families.  Nine years ago she helped to open Orchard Hills.  Sue is a great secretary.  She is organized, efficient, and a topnotch list maker.  Sue puts students first, when a student comes to the office in need, she drops whatever she is doing to make sure they are taken care of.  She has been seen bringing a small gift to several students who were leaving our school, she wanted them to know they were loved a t Orchard Hills.  She takes care of students from other schools, even at the risk of a visit to the Santaquin Police Department.

Sue is dedicated to her family.  They spend time hiking, camping ,fishing, eating, etc.   Sue seems to be game for about anything they cook up to try.  She is the proud mother of one daughter, three sons, three daughters-in-law and the proud grandma of four (soon to be six) grandchildren.  She shares her family with us through stores and pictures!  (Can you believe how big Rosie’s getting!)

Sue takes care of all of us as Orchard Hills family.  She is someone we can rely on.  We are grateful for her example and kindness.