School News

November Social Skill

The Social Skill for November is:

  How to Deal with Strong Feelings

Step 1:  Stop and calm down

Step 2:  Watch your body signals

Step 3:  Name the feeling

Step 4:  Think about your choices

Step 5:  Act out the best choice

Please discuss with your students the importance fo appropriately dealing with strong feelings.  Watch for your child to use these steps and reinforce or compliment them when they do it correctly.  When correct behavior is reinforced, it is more likely to be repeated.

Fall Dance Festival

Anyone who grew up in Santaquin and went to the “old” Santaquin Elementary School will remember Dean Peay and his May Day Dance Festival.  All students learned some classic dances and performed them for the May Day celebration.  Orchard Hills Elementary is following in the same footsteps as Mr.

Sixth-graders Visit Santaquin Cemetery

Sixth-graders at Orchard Hills Elementary spent a beautiful morning at Santaquin Cemetery.  Students learned about the inspiring military monument that honors our community and early pioneers that settled this town.  Students gained an appreciation for the art and poetry represented on the headstones and made a rubbing to mount and hang in the school hallway.  How to show respect for others and property was also an important part of the day's agenda.  The students were pleasantly surprised how many things can be learned at the cemetery. 

School-Wide Social Skills Program

Cougar Pride: Orchard Hills is implementing a new school-wide social skill instruction program. One social skill will be focused on each month for the entire school year. Students will be rewarded for showing proper use of this skill by receiving cougar pride notes. Also, a note will be sent home once month telling parents what skill we are working on as well as give ideas of how to discuss and reinforce the skill at home.


In September we focused on Empathy.  The students were taught to:

2nd Grade Field Trip

The second grade visited the Red Barn for our first fieldtrip of the year! We were picked up at the school by wagons and learned all about apples. Each child got to pick an apple from a tree, play in the maze, and enjoy a delicious donut! Yum! Each class also got to pick a pumpkin to keep in their classrooms. It was a beautiful day and everyone had a fabulous time!

2nd Grade Olympics

2nd Grade kicked off their Olympics with an Opening Ceremony today!  Each class created a flag to display and Mr. Barlow participated in the Opening Ceremonies.

Crystal Apple Award - Kathy Kelley

Orchard Hills Elementary is proud to honor Kathy Kelley, a first grade teacher, with the Crystal Apple Award.  Our school is full of topnotch teachers, and we would like to highlight Kathy because of her many talents.

Everyone in our building knows that Kathy is famous for her ability to "share, not tell."  Her leadership skills, positive thinking, and her ability to come up with an endless list of possibilities to enhance her teaching curriculum impress everyone she works with.

DARE Graduation

The 5th grade students at Orchard Hills graduated from the D.A.R.E. program in January.  Officer Johnson was an outstanding instructor!