School News

Sixth-Grade Field Trip

A part of the sixth-grade curriculum is learning about astronomy.  Sixth-grade students at Orchard Hills went to the BYU Planetarium to learn more about our universe.  The field trip was a great culminating activity to reinforce what was learned in class. Plus it is lots of fun.  The sixth-grade teachers hope a love of astronomy and learning will be part of their students' future.  They finished off a great day by going classic skating.

Temples and Tombs

Orchard Hills 6th graders performed "Tales of Temples and Tombs" for students and parents.  This program has become an annual production here at Orchard Hills.  Students participated by performing songs, a dance, and role playing the parts of mummies and pharaohs.  Mr. Barlow played the role of King Tut and entered the gym riding on a chariot adorned with his riches (fishing pole and net).  It was a great time in the land of Egypt.  Everyone loved it!

Third-Grade Field Trip

The third-grade students at Orchard Hills went and saw Tremendously Tall Tales at the Scera Theatre. It was very entertaining. Then they ate lunch at the park nearby. Last they went to the Bean Museum at BYU and watched a show on Ecosytems where they learned about the plants and animals that are in each ecosystem. Students even got to feel an elephant's skin, see a frog, and touch a gecko. Afterwards they went on a savenger hunt.

Doing Your Best

The Social Skill for March is:

Doing Your Best

1.  Read or listen to instructions carefully.

2.  Be prepared.

3.  Work hard and focus until task is done.

4.  Check your work.

We have reviewed and practiced these steps at school, but we hope that you will also review and reinforce them at home.

Cougar Pride Winners

Winners for the Cougar Pride Club are: Kaitlyn Mikesell, Carter Moffitt, Ada Broadbent, Taylor Ford, Adam Johnston, Jentry Barker, Logan Wride, Bryan Brawn, and Adilene Vasquez. The Prize that was drawn was a Candy bar.

Happenings in Art at Orchard Hills

      In the month of January, the students at Orchard Hills spent a four week unit discussing Leonardo DaVinci.  We talked about some very usual facts, his talents, paintings and studied some of his inventions...on week four, it was the students (grades 3-6) turn to build some miniature inventions with their team.  Some pictures are hanging in the hallway in the "Art Gallery" of these inventions and the teams.

Discovery Gateway Comes to Orchard Hills

Kelly Zopes from Discovery Gateway came to Orchard Hills Elementary School as part of their Outreach Program.  She did a Reaction Time presentation to our fifth graders.  She discussed physical changes and chemical reactions with the students.  Our fifth graders had the opportunity to see several experiments demonstrated as well as doing some experiments in small groups as well!

How to Listen

The Social Skill for February is:

   How to Listen

1.  Look at the person

2.  Think about their words

3.  Wait for them to finish

4.  Say what you want about the topic

   We have reviewed and practiced these steps at school, but we hope that you will also review and reinforce them at home.

Biography Bodies

Sixth grade students were all required to read a biography about a person of their choice.  Each student wrote a written report about their character and then chose at least 5 important facts to share with Orchard Hills Elementary students.  A Biography Body was created by each student to wear as they traveled to different classrooms to share what they learned.