School News

Farm Field Days


The second graders were able to go to Farm Field Days.  They went to Olson's Greenhouses and then to Harward Farms.  There were several different presenters there to teach them.  What a fun day and what a fun time learning!

DARE Graduation


Fifth grade students at Orchard Hills were able to be a part of the DARE Program.  They were able to perform for parents at their DARE Graduation.  They also participated in a DARE Essay Contest.  

Essay Contest Winners were:

Teagan Miner

KaDee Warren

Bryn Schafer

Andrew Waters

Persuasive Letters Rewarded with Pizza!

Krissi Tanner

Mrs. Tanner's fifth grade class wrote persuasive letters to various restaurants that they felt were the best restaurant ever and told the reasons why they were the best! We then mailed them off to various restaurants.Tiffanee Mortensen along with some other fifth graders wrote to Brick Oven. The owner was so impressed with their letters that he contacted me and asked if he could cater a lunch (pizza party) for my class. The kids were so excited! They were more than generous and brought 9 x-large pizzas, 8 liters of soda, and plenty of gift certificates for $10.00 off.

Sixth Grade Field Trip


The sixth grade went to the BYU Planetarium to learn more about the planets and different constellations.  Afterwards, they went to Classic Skating where they enjoyed riding scooters, rollerblading, and skating. The day was awesome!

Dr. Seuss Week

Our Dr. Seuss Week last week was a lot of fun!  The theme for each day was based on a book by Dr. Seuss.  We had green day (Green Eggs and Ham), Who hair day (Horton Hears a Who), crazy sock day (Fox in Socks), and hat day (The Cat in the Hat).  The week ended with a Read-a-Thon.  Thank you for participating and for helping to make a memorable week! 

Family Literacy Night


To kick off our Dr. Seuss Week Orchard Hills had their 2016 Family Literacy Night!  There were lots of break-out sessions, treats, and drawings for prizes.  The break-out sessions were:  Dr. Seuss Bingo, Book Walk, Make & Takes, Family Photo Booth, Dr. Seuss Carnival Games, and Read-a-Louds.  It was a lot of fun!  Thank you for those that came!  To get ready for Dr. Seuss Week each class is displaying something in the hall about a book by Dr. Seus.  Come take a walk around to see what everyone has done! 

Kindergarten Science Projects


The kindergartners at Orchard Hills recently studied a unit about Science.  They learned that science is so many things.  Some of the students had the opportunity to do a science project and present to their class.  Some of the students did experiments and others learned about a specific thing in science to teach their class about.  We love science!