School News

Animal Cassification


Mr. Craig's class had the opportunity to have Melissa Cavan come and share many amazing animals as a part of their animal classification science unit. The students had a blast!

Second Grade Field Trip and Program


The second grade went on a field trip around the community. They visited the police station where Officer Wall took them on a tour around the station. They also visited the pharmacy, bank, library and museum where Ted Jones  presented to them. They performed their Thanksgiving program for the senior citizens and they loved celebrating this wonderful time of year with them. It was worth walking in the bitter cold for this special day!  Second graders also shared their Thanksgiving Program with the school and their parents.  They did so great!

Wax Museum


The sixth grade created their very own Wax Museum.  Each student researched somebody who had a positive influence on the world.  They wrote bio-riddles and created boards to share with both the school and parents.  Eight students had the opportunity to share their bio-riddle with the parents: Brinley Bettis, Hayden Davis, Jada Wadsworth, Cam Ford, Melina Wilde, Myah McClellan, Avi Giles, and Teagon Miner.  We had a great night!

Snow Fun!


The first snow is so fun!  The kids were so excited and happy.  What a fun day!

Veterans Day Happenings


Orchard Hills students thanked veterans in many ways.  Students wrote names of veterans on papers and those papers were attached to balloons.  Each class went out and let their balloons go.  Some students wrote letters to veterans.  A big thank you to those who have served and those who are serving our country!  

Cougar Pride Winners


The Cougar Pride board filled up fast. Those winners were lucky to go to the Cougar Pride Root Beer Float Party!!  Way to go!  Keep up the good work. 

Fifth Grade Science Field Trip


The fifth grade classes went to BYU on a science field trip.  The students went through different science rotations.  The kids got to see nitrogen ice cream made, experiment with static electricity, go to the planetarium, and see some awesome physical science demos! On top of all that, a bunch of BYU athletes talked to them about the importance of education and working hard. It was a very memorable field trip!

Tom the Turkey Visits

Mrs. Andrews' first grade class had a special visit from Tom the Turkey this afternoon. He helped the students the learn about sentences with adjectives and verbs. It was fun! He's trying to stay away from Thanksgiving dinner! Thanks to Mrs. Coon for sharing him!