School News

Snow Fun!


The first snow is so fun!  The kids were so excited and happy.  What a fun day!

Veterans Day Happenings


Orchard Hills students thanked veterans in many ways.  Students wrote names of veterans on papers and those papers were attached to balloons.  Each class went out and let their balloons go.  Some students wrote letters to veterans.  A big thank you to those who have served and those who are serving our country!  

Cougar Pride Winners


The Cougar Pride board filled up fast. Those winners were lucky to go to the Cougar Pride Root Beer Float Party!!  Way to go!  Keep up the good work. 

Fifth Grade Science Field Trip


The fifth grade classes went to BYU on a science field trip.  The students went through different science rotations.  The kids got to see nitrogen ice cream made, experiment with static electricity, go to the planetarium, and see some awesome physical science demos! On top of all that, a bunch of BYU athletes talked to them about the importance of education and working hard. It was a very memorable field trip!

Tom the Turkey Visits

Mrs. Andrews' first grade class had a special visit from Tom the Turkey this afternoon. He helped the students the learn about sentences with adjectives and verbs. It was fun! He's trying to stay away from Thanksgiving dinner! Thanks to Mrs. Coon for sharing him!

Red Ribbon Week Fun


It has been a busy week celebrating Red Ribbon Week.  Students learned about making good choices,taking care of themselves, and being kind.  Each class made a banner and the banners are hanging in the halls of the school.  They are so fun to look at!  We had lots of fun dress up days too: wear as much red and purple as you D.A.R.E!, craziest socks, favorite hat day, pajama day, and favorite team sports day.  Thanks for helping us celebrate Red Ribbon Week.    

Third Grade Artists

Mrs. Knott's class was able to use oil pastels and water colors to create pictures of bridges.  They learned that they are all great artists if they take their time and do their best work.  Look at those cool bridges!