Yearbook Cover Grade Level Winners 2018

Stephanie Wood
Libby Hiatt (6th grade)
Millie Hewitt (5th grade)
Clayton Morrill (4th grade)
Mikey Ugarte (3rd grade)
Hadley Christensen (2nd grade)
Eli Ugarte (1st grade)
Major Larsen (Kindergarten)
Kohen Wilding (EEC)

We also had 8 yearbook cover grade level winners who's artwork will be featured on the back of this year's yearbook! Congrats to Libby Hiatt, Millie Hewitt, Clayton Morrill, Mikey Ugarte, Hadley Christensen, Eli Ugarte, Major Larsen, and Kohen Wilding. And thank you to everyone else who entered! We have a lot of talented artists at Orchard Hills!