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Orchard Hills Basketball Shoot Off for Reading!

Submitted by riley.winward on Mon, 04/08/2019 - 09:58

For the month of March, Orchard Hills students participated in a reading contest, and one winner was picked from each class to participate in the Basketball Shoot Off for Reading!  Each winner shot baskets to win up to $7. They were also able to get a little help from the Payson High Basketball Team. Thanks so much for coming, guys! We had a great time cheering on our friends, and we sure have enjoyed our month of celebrating reading!

 Class Winners:

Andyn Christensen, Max Harris, Addley Wall, Roc Sorensen, Seth Durrant, Kayden Finleyson, Josslin Elliott, Ruby Macdonald, Carson Wall, Madalee Staheli, Brody Dowland, Sadie Evans, Nathan Morgan, Kohen Wilding, Abby Olson, Eliza Mandelin, Isaac Bowman, Olivia Macdonald, Savanna Hutchings, Paizlee Zeeman, and Owen Giles