Karen Allinson Receives Crystal Apple Award!


This year’s Crystal Apple recipient has a long history of working with those in need.  

Prior to entering the field of teaching she worked as an EMT for 10 years helping those in crisis.  She then moved on to helping teenagers who struggled by working to develop an improved detention program at her local high school. It was also at this time that she began online studies through the University of Phoenix to earn a bachelor's degree in elementary education. While still working on her degree, she made the jump from teenagers to preschoolers and worked in our very own special education preschool as a class aide.  When she neared the end of her elementary ed. program she did her student teaching in a 2nd grade classroom at Mt. Loafer Elementary.  All the while working in the preschool as her schedule allowed.  

Finally, she was done with school and it was time to find a teaching job. As luck or fate would have it she was working in the summer preschool class when a job opening came up for a resource teacher here at Orchard Hills. A wise friend and co-worker encouraged her to apply for the job and when she hesitated her friend applied for her.  She was called in for an interview while at work with the preschoolers, so wearing shorts and t-shirt went down the hall to Ryan Murray’s office and interviewed for a job as a special education teacher.  A few days later she received a phone call telling her the job was hers if she would like it. So while her son was up to bat at a national baseball tournament she accepted the job.  She jumped into a job she hadn't planned on and has given it 110% ever since.

So it was back to school to earn her master's degree in special education and  she has worked her heart out to succeed as both a teacher and a student the past 3 and half years.  She is a great asset to our school and has helped almost everyone here in one way or another.  Please help us congratulate this year’s Crystal Apple recipient,  Karen Allinson.