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Georgia O'Keeffe Art Contest Winners

Submitted by riley.winward on Sat, 05/23/2020 - 18:41
Michelle Kesler
Suvi Coombs (4th Grade)
Asher Burton (6th Grade)
Ridge Miller (5th Grade)
Otto Burton (4th Grade)
Rebekah Allen (3rd Grade)
Dagny Burton (2nd Grade)
Emmet Burton (Kindergarten)

       Here are the winners of the Georgia O'Keeffe art contest! Great job to everyone who submitted their artwork to Mrs. Kesler! 

  • Kindergarten - Emmet Burton
  • 1st - no submissions
  • 2nd - Dagny Burton
  • 3rd - Rebekah Allen
  • 4th - Suvi Coombs and Asher Burton
  • 5th - Ridge Miller 
  • 6th - Asher Burton