2nd Grade Experiences Christmas Around the World!

Kathy Kelley

Our 2nd grade classes are learning about different cultures and countries this month. 

We enjoyed a wonderful presentation by our friend, Mrs. Esquerra about her Native American tribe from Arizona.  Her tribe is known for their expert basket weaving.  She also told us some folktales and showed us some musical instruments that she found at a Pow Wow.

Ms. Winward, one of our fabulous 5th grade teachers taught us about Ghana, Africa.  Did you know people go swimming to celebrate Christmas?  They also wrap lights around palm trees to make Christmas trees. 

We also listened to the amazing Natalie Anderson teach us about Great Britain.  She talked about seeing the Crown Jewels, visiting Stonehenge, and the beautiful castles she has seen.  She challenged us to unlock our brains so we want to always keep learning.  Mrs. Anderson is a former 6th grade teacher from our school.  

(written by Mrs. Kelley)