May 2017

Art Gallery

Shalynn Anderson

Recently in Art all students designed their own flower or used one of Georgia O'Keefe's flowers to inspire their drawing.  Each student chose the color for the flower and the backgroud color.  After a lot of hard work, you have one original masterpiece!  A winner was chosen from each class.  A grade level winner was chosen and the overall winner was Jada Wadsworth.  Posted here are the class winners, grade level winners, and the overall winner.  They are all so beautiful and unique!

Kickball Game


The annual kickball game of sixth graders vs. teachers took place yesterday.  The final score was 17-16 with the teachers winning.  What a fun game! 

Hope of America


Fifth graders participated in the Hope of America program.  They have been practicing for a while and a couple of weeks ago they performed at the Marriott Center at BYU.  There were many other fifth graders throughout the county who performed with them.  Today they perfomed for the school.  We love hearing patriotic songs and we are so glad to live in this country.  

First Grade Program

The first grade classes did their program for the school and for their parents.  They sang a lot of songs that they have learned throughout the year.  Many of the songs told of some of the things they have learned about in first grade.  They sang about rules, friends, their two front teeth, George Washington, bubble gum, and more.  

Opinion Ties


Mr. Murray is wearing Mrs. Lisonbee's students' opinion ties. Each student had to design a tie for Mr. Murray and then convince him that they designed the best tie by writing a persuasive writing piece about it.

Cougar Choir Performs


The Cougar Choir perfomed today for the school and tonight for their parents.  They did a fantastic job.  They are directed by Mrs. Kathy Kelley and Mrs. Lea Knott's accompanies.  Some songs they performed were:  Take Me Out to the Ball Game, You've Got a Friend in Me, When You Wish Upon a Star, and many others.  Great job!