May 2014

Kindergarten Field Day and Graduation


Kindergartners at Orchard Hills finished a fun year of kindergarten and learning.  They had field day and then on May 23 they had Kindergarten Graduation.  What a fun way to celebrate a great first year of school.  The kindergarten classes sang songs and then they recieved a certificate.  

Orchestra Assembly


The orchestra at Orchard Hills has worked hard all year.  They performed for the school after a year of hard work and practice.  They played very well!  Way to go Orchestra.  



The fourth graders at Orchard Hills had their annual Rendevouz.  Many of them dressed up and they had a great time!

First Grade Program


The first grade at Orchard Hills Elementary put on a program for the school and parents.The students put their year of learning into song. They sang songs of the seasons, Telling Time, Haunted House, Silent E, and Hot Cup of Cocoa to name a few. They did a great job. Thank you first graders! You are amazing!

DARE Graduation


Fifth graders at Orchard Hills Elementary graduated on April 30th from the DARE program.  Sergeant Kris Johnson taught the students over the past 10 weeks about making good choices, bullying, how to deal with peer pressure, and staying away from drugs and alcohol.  Top DARE students:  Carter Ewell, Bri Peck, Tessa Haws, Emme McDowell     DARE essay winners:Katie Losee,  Avorie Dahl,  Christian Durrant, Callie Teemant


Crystal Apple Award


Every year a teacher is awarded the Crystal Apple Award. 

Shirley Esquerra is very deserving of the Crystal Apple Award.   She has taught kindergarten at Orchard Hills for eight years.  She is a dedicated and nurturing educator who strives to put the needs of children first.    Shirley works tirelessly to provide meaningful, hands on learning experiences for her kindergartners.   She is eager and ready to try new ideas and plans her lessons to best fit the needs of her students.   She makes learning fun.  Her students know that she cares about them and loves them.