December 2013

School Sing-a-long


On Friday, December 20th the school had their annual Christmas Sing-a-long.  What a fun tradition.  Each grade level sang a song, the orchestra played some songs, and everyone had a great time singing songs together.  Merry Christmas!

First Grade Program


On December 19th the first grade classes performed their first grade program for the school and for parents.  They sang songs and recited poems.  Good job first graders!

Christmas Around the World


Second grade had a blast learning about Christmas around the world!! We had volunteers come teach about different countries they have lived in. We learned about different customs and traditions all over the world. We wanted to especially thank Mr. Barlow, Mr. Murray, and Mr. Oyler for presenting to us!

Native American Day


Fifth graders at Orchard Hills celebrated Native American Day back in November.  They learned more about Navajo Indians, made fry bread, played cat's cradle, and made story sticks.  

Gettysburg Address


Fifth graders at Orchard Hills enjoyed memorizing and performing The Gettysburg Address 150 years to the day that Abraham Lincoln gave the speech.

PEAK Award

Kim Andrews

Gary Gibson, Custodian Orchard Hills Elementary
Nominated by: Kim Andrews