May 2012

American Legion Auxiliary Essay Contest

Orchard Hills Elementary sixth-graders participated in the Santaquin, Unit 84, American Legion Auxiliary 2012 Essay Contest.  The winners in Mrs. Anderson’s class are:  1st- Justin Freeman, 2nd- Madison Simons, 3rd- Joshua Steele.  Participants in Mrs. Anderson’s class were:  Katie Wood, Mira Windley, Natasha Tracy, Emily Howarth, Harley Huff, Jordan Villar, Statler Steele, Madison Houston, Bayli Alexander, Taelor Moffitt, Ashlie Shuffler, Rylan Roundy, Gavin Dechamps, and Kylie Lundholm. 

Spelling Bee Winners

The sixth-grade students at Orchard Hills participated in a spelling bee.  The winners are:

1st Place:  Tabitha Peterson

1st Place:  Claire Rowley

2nd Place:  Hayden McDowell

3rd Place:  Corbin Ringger

Hershey Track Winners

Orchard Hills Elementary

Hershey Track Winners


Third Grade Winners

Softball Throw 3rd:  Place Garrett Shaw

Standing Long Jump 2nd Place:  Gavin Howarth

Standing Long Jump 1st Place:  Anna Staheli

100 Meter Run 2nd Place:  Kendra Hancock

200 Meter Run 2nd Place:  Kendra Hancock

400 Meter Run 2nd Place:  Tessa Haws


Fourth Grade Winners

50 Meter Run 2nd Place:  Korbyn Crabb

100 Meter Run 2nd Place:  Kody Mecham


Kindergartners at Orchard Hills ended the year with field day and with Kindergarten Graduation.  Way to go kindergartners!!

Farm Field Days

Second-grade students at Orchard Hills enjoyed a fun field trip to Farm Field Days at Harward Farms.  They also went to some greenhouses.  The students were able to see and learn a lot. 

Stuffed Animal Day

The 2nd grade celebrated Stuffed Animal Day by dressing in pajamas and bringing their favorite stuffed animal to school. We graphed gummy bears and made rolls that looked like our stuffed animal. It was a super fun day!

Underground Railroad

The 5th graders at Orchard Hills participated in a simulation of the Underground Railroad in May.  Conductors took the students from station to station until they reach safety in Canada.  The students snuck quietly through the halls of the school trying not to get caught and sent back.  At each safe house there were station masters who taught the students more about the Underground Railroad and did an activity with the students.  It was a fun and educational activity that hopefully helped students learn and understand more about our country's history.

Hope of America

Orchard Hills 5th graders performed the program Hope of America on Wednesday, April 18th.  5th graders from all over came to the Marriott Center in Provo to perform a patriotic program.